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Forum Outposts was published quarterly from summer 1994 through fall 1995 by The Geometry Forum in an effort to keep teachers, students, and others in touch with electronic happenings on the Forum and in the world of geometry.

We include here copies in image and text forms.

I. Summer 1994

II. Fall 1994 III. Winter 1995 IV. Spring 1995 V. Fall 1995 The first issue of our newsletter, Summer 1994, introduced the Forum, gave information about Internet accounts and our newsgroups, suggested how we might be of use to you, provided samplings from our Problems of the Week (POW) and Projects of the Month (POM), and outlined continuing and future Geometry Forum projects.

In our Fall 1994 issue we featured articles on the Geometry Forum's workshops and World Wide Web pages, and announced a new newsgroup for those interested in dynamic software programs for geometry (The Geometer's Sketchpad, Cabri Geometre): geometry.software.dynamic.

In Winter 1995, we showcased our new Web newsreader and described Ask Dr. Math, a Forum Internet service for K12 students inaugurated in November of 1994.

Our Spring 1995 issue explained the organization of the Forum's collection of Internet/World Wide Web sites ("Steve's Dump"), and presented excerpts from the Learning and Mathematics Discussion Series held on our newsgroup geometry.pre-college.

We mailed our last issue of Outposts in fall of 1995, describing our change in emphasis as we turn our attention to building a virtual math center - a Web site to become the Math Forum on the Internet.

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