Internet Sites and Algebraic Thinking

presented by Suzanne Alejandre

at the CMC-South's 41st Annual Fall Conference
Building Mathematical Knowledge of Teachers and Achievement of ALL Students
in Palm Springs, California
Sessions 524 and 626
Convention Center
Saturday, November 4

Goals of the Workshop:
  • To show that technology can be used as an effective tool to teach mathematics, in particular, algebraic thinking.

  • To provide links to resources on the Web useful for teaching algebraic thinking.

Math Forum Internet sites will be shared with lessons, activities, Java applets, software that can be used to help students fully understand algebraic concepts.

Technology brings a unique opportunity to a classroom teacher to engage students in mathematical thinking. Used in combination with manipulatives and paper/pencil activities the Internet can provide the teacher with more opportunities to reach students.

Implementing curricula that meets the goals of the California Mathematics Standards and meets the needs of our students is challenging. It is most important not to lose sight of how our students learn. Whenever possible incorporate manipulatives, problem-solving activities, real-world mathematics and sensitivity to learning styles with any text-based instruction.

Reading on the Web:
  1. Position Paper for the Standards 2000 and Technology Conference

  2. Teaching Math with Technology by Ihor Charischak with Suzanne Alejandre
California Mathematics Standards:
-- Grade 6
-- Grade 7
-- Grade 8
Teacher Resources
-- pow-teach
-- Teacher2Teacher
-- WebCT Communities - Mathematics
Problems of the Week:

PoWs are designed to provide creative, non-routine challenges for students in grades three through twelve. Problem-solving and mathematical communication are key elements of every problem.

  Seven Congruent Rectangles
  Middle School
      Educational Software Components of Tomorrow


  Base 10 Blocks Applet
      by Jacobo Bulaevsky
      Basic Algebra
      using base 10 blocks to teach algebra

  Integer Bars Applet
      by Jacobo Bulaevsky
      Learning Algebra
      a set of pages (in development) using the applet

  Middle School Algebra Links
  Algebraic Factoring
  Geometric Factoring
  Leonardo da Vinci Activity
  Locker Problem
  Traffic Jam
  Link Pages
      by Suzanne Alejandre

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