How To Use the ESCOT Runner
Software with the
Pirate Diamond Activity

Once you have downloaded the Pirate Diamond Activity from the ESCOT Problem of the Week site at the Math Forum here are some instructions to help you use the software.

  • Open the ESCOT Runner.

  • Select the Pirate Diamond Activity.
       Note: Depending on your computer it can take a little more time than usual to open the activity. Be patient.

  • An interactive screen with the following features will appear:

  1. The statement of the problem. It may be necessary to scroll to read the entire statement/question.
  2. Interactive area. Click on the buttons fill, empty, or pour to see a simulation showing filling a container with diamonds, emptying the container, or pouring diamonds from one container to another.
  3. Select fill, empty, or pour. Note that different windows are counting for you:
    • the contents of container A
    • the contents of container B
    • the quantity emptied during that sequence
    • the number of steps taken during the sequence
  4. Reset. Once you have experimented and are ready to work on the problem, click here.
  5. Steps taken - records the number of steps you have used in working on the problem.
  6. Amount emptied - records the quantity of diamonds you have emptied or "wasted."
  7. Solution box. Write here the solution you will submit to the Math Forum's ESCOT Problem of the Week.
  8. Save. If you are not yet ready to submit your solution, save your work by clicking here.
  9. Submit/Revise. When you are ready to submit your answer, click here. After you have submitted your solution once, the button will change to say "Revise" and can be used to submit revisions.
  10. Click here to return to the ESCOT Runner page.

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