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When I first started writing Web pages, it took me quite a while to learn to navigate the Web. I spent a lot of time looking because there were many things that I wanted to find, including:

informative sites to help me learn more mathematics
   Sample: What is a Fractal? by Alan Beck

informative sites to use as links
   Sample: Links to information on crystals

lessons to see/show how others teach a concept
   Sample: Houston Area Real-Time Traffic Report by Susan Boone
   Sample: Magnet/Mathematics Connections created for Morse H.S.

icons to use decoratively
   Sample: Sites from which to download icons and software

software to use with my students
   Sample: Kid's Domain
   Sample: Math Fair Software

As I looked for these different sites, I kept my audiences in mind:

middle school students (mathematics)
middle school students (in general)
parents (adult evening class)
teacher workshops - mathematics
teacher workshops - using technology
What I use to search:

    Ask Jeeves
    Math Forum Search
    Dr. Math Search

What I use to browse:

    Math Forum Quick Reference
    Dr. Math FAQ
    Ask Dr. Math Middle School Archives
    Math Forum Electronic Newsletter Archives

spirolateral (an example of a narrow topic)
symmetry (a broad topic; narrow it using "translation")
software/java applet to use with a polynomial activity
Discussion Questions
Why is one site better than another?
What do you look for first?
Why choose one kind of site over another?
What are the guidelines for appropriate attribution?

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