Student Tessellations  

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Frisbie Middle School, Rialto, California

    Student Tessellations using Claris Works
Alan K. Aniu
Nancy Aniu, Alan's mother
Sam Aniu, Alan's father
Darrell Hearn
Frandshell Williams, Frisbie staff member
Matthew Pope
Chelsey Poulsen

    Student Tessellations using HyperCard - Translation

Steven Alvarez
Monica Briano
Atili Faalaulau
Deanna Henderson
Jason Marvin
Yesenia Rodriguez
Jose Torres
Shawn Whitney

    Student Tessellations using HyperCard - Rotation

Twillia Birks
Henry Huynh
Cristal Pantoja

    Student Tessellations from the 1995-1996 School Year

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