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The following tessellations were made by students in Suzanne Alejandre's Computer Elective class at Frisbie Middle School. The students used a Claris Works paint file to tessellate, copied and pasted their tessellation into a Claris Works word processing file, and then wrote a poem to accompany their tessellation. Please click on each thumbnail-sized graphic to view the tessellation and the poem.

Also this school year Suzanne Alejandre's Math 7 students created tessellations as part of an interdisciplinary project. Their tessellations can be found here.

My Angel in the Night


Monster Faces

Dogs Who Bite Tails

The Wall

I Was

The River Color Island

A Bear Named Pooh

The Colors You See

The Forces of Nature

Wrinkle, Wrinkle, Little Scar

The African Dance

The Biker

The Colorful Snake

Crazy Lady

    Student Tessellations from the 1995-1996 School Year

    Student Tessellations from the 1996-1997 School Year

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