Buying Tile


    (for each group of four students)

  1. measuring tape
  2. one ceramic tile (varying in size for each group)
  3. graph paper
  4. calculator
  5. ruler


    Suggestion: Divide the tasks between your group members

  1. You are going to tile an area that is 100 square feet in area. Remember that there are 12 inches in a foot.
  2. Given the sample tile, how many tiles will you need to buy?
  3. Draw a diagram of your tiled area on the graph paper.
  4. Write your group's reasoning. Use the back of the paper if necessary
  5. If each tile costs 37 cents, how much money will it cost to complete the project?


  1. Teacher observation during the group activity.
  2. Each group presents their findings orally to the class using two overhead transparencies. One is to list the steps of their process. The other is to draw a diagram to illustrate their tiled area.

Student Samples:

  1. Group 1: Melissa, Eddie, George and Jordan
  2. Group 2: Yanette, Adrian and Adrianne

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