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You have had several encounters with disabilities during the previous several weeks.

Think about the following:

    what you learned during class lectures;

    what you learned during the empathy activity;

    what you learned during Jaime Hartwell's speech;

    what you learned during your group's disability research;

    what you learned during listening to group presentations.

Based on this tremendous amount of information, and using any notes or information you may have gathered, you are to write an essay describing your encounter with disabilities. This essay may be submitted in your choice of any one of several writing styles:

    evaluation - an essay reflecting on what you learned and any changes you have made to your personal values;

    problem/solution - an essay stating a problem and providing a reasonable solution to that problem in a convincing and logical manner;

    report of information - an essay relating the information you have gathered in a summarized form, providing a logically developed topic, and citing your sources;

    autobiographical account - an essay narrating an incident from personal experience and noting its significance to your life.

You are to choose one of the essay styles and develop it into a well-written essay of at least five paragraphs. Remember to include the positive elements of the district grading rubric. Remember to use the standard format. Finally, provide a unique, imaginative title.

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