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The learner read, was read to, and reviewed numerous folktales from around the world and from many times. The learner plotted the countries of origin and discussed the similarities and differences from culture to culture, and time to time. The learner then created, wrote, illustrated, and published a student-created folktale in a "bare book" using the standardized writing process and the assistance from art students as peer advisers.

The learner read and discussed the novel, Dragonwings by Lawrence Yep, and the significance of kites, dragons, and family in Chinese culture. The learner then researched kite construction and in groups of four constructed their own kites and flew them.

The learner worked through length, perimeter and area activities.

The learner had the "dragon" passage read aloud to them from Dragonwings by their mathematics teacher and then each learner drew a dragon. These dragons were scanned and placed on the internet. In addition, eight dragons were chosen and just the dragon heads were scanned and printed. Groups of four were each assigned one dragonhead to enlarge using a scale factor of 4. One quarter inch graph paper and one inch graph paper were provided to accurately complete the activity.

Two extra credit assignments with credit available in all academic classes were offered to the students. One was an internet scavenger hunt centered on the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and the other used the Chinese astrologic chart.

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