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The learner was introduced to the world of disabilities through a student-modeling, empathy activity which was videotaped. In cooperative groups, the learner conducted library and internet research into individuals with disabilities, categories of disabilities, and various interrelated aspects of disabilities, the research results of which were then provided to the class in a panel presentation which was also videotaped.

The learner listened to a speech from a challenged individual and studied how a diverse number of cultures deal with disabled individuals. The learner using the mathematics skills learned, conducted probability analyses based upon the incidence of certain disabling conditions. The learner provided a word processed essay at the completion of the unit to identify what had been learned and attitudes which may have been changed. At the completion of the unit, the learner provided a cooperative-group rubric-grade on each member of the study group.

The learner was introduced to the mathematical concept of probability working through a series of activities from Glencoe's Interactive Mathematics text - Unit 10 "Against the Odds." Students used the software "Unlocking Probability" by Houghten-Mifflin in the computer classroom using accompanying activity sheets. In addition they accessed information on probability, fractions, decimals, and percents from links provided on their math link web page.

In mathematics the culminating activity was to create a game in their cooperative group of four which demonstrated their understanding of probability. The students discussed what makes a "good" game and after the discussion it was decided that their games would:
be playable by 4 players
have a gameboard
use the "Unlocking Probability" software as a part of the game
be fun
be challenging
be attractive
An individual journal was kept the week and a half that the groups constructed their games to assess the cooperative group's interaction. After playing the games they were assessed using a rubric developed by the class.

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