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PROJECT TITLE: Disabilities/Probability

PROJECT DATES: 6 February - March 1998.

PROJECT OBJECTIVES: The learner will be introduced to and conduct research into individuals with disabilities; library research and a formal oral report will be conducted by cooperative groups; the learner will listen to a speech from a disabled individual; the learner will study and gain an appreciation of how a diverse number of cultures deal with challenged individuals; the learner will conduct probability analyses based upon the incidence of certain disabling conditions.

  • LANGUAGE ARTS: The learner will be introduced to the concept of several categories of disabling conditions, discuss congenital, traumatic and progressive disabilities, and conduct multiple days of library research into several variants of disabling conditions. The learner will be grouped cooperatively and after research will provide an oral report on the findings which will be videotaped. The learner will also identify famous individuals who have compensated for their challenges. The cooperative groups will use group rubric grading materials in order to provide peer "rating" of both academic and social skills.

  • MATHEMATICS:The learner will be introduced to the concepts of probability. The learner will use findings of the incidence of certain disabling conditions in society and apply methods and procedures of probability theory as mathematical reinforcement to this project. Much of the findings, research and statistical information will be taken from the internet.

  • SCIENCE: Not involved.

  • SOCIAL SCIENCE: The learner will be introduced to the concept of disabilities across numerous cultures and across time. The learner will investigate how various cultures treat challenged individuals, whether they are ignored, absorbed, deleted, or "handled" in some other manner to the benefit of that specific culture.

  • RSP: Support will be provided both RSP and general education students in the research, reading, writing, and illustration of completed presentations and in the cooperative group rubric grading.

  • TECHNOLOGY: The internet will be used during the research process as well as hard copy, library research materials. Classroom computers will be used in order for the students to prepare presentation media as required. The student group presentations will be videotaped.


________________________ ________________________
R. Hartwell, Language Arts S. Alejandre, Mathematics
________________________ ________________________
L. Dunbar, Mathematics L. Humphrey, RSP
________________________ ________________________
S. Sipe, Science C. Sawyer, Social Science

DATE: _________________________

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