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Dragonwings, a novel by Laurence Yep, is the basis of an interdisciplinary project for students of Team 7-2 at Frisbie Middle School. The students will have assignments in language arts, mathematics, science and social studies as part of this interdisciplinary unit.

Curricular Activities

History/Social Science
  1. Students read Dragonwings.
  2. Kite construction.
Language Arts
  1. The Dragon in Mythology/Folktale/Folklore.
  2. Horoscopes and Astrology as method of coping with the unknown.
  1. Read passage in book where father has dragon dream. Students draw dragons.
  2. Enlargement to scale activity using dragon drawings.
  3. Symmetry of kites.
  1. Read and discuss thrust, lift and drag.
  2. Make common paper airplanes and air foils. Go to the links with the free designation.
  3. Alter original planes to create rolls, loops, etc.
All Curricular Areas
  1. Dragonwings Related Extra Credit - Chinese Astrology
  2. Dragonwings Internet Scavenger Hunt. To complete the Scavenger Hunt students access the Dragonwings student page.
  3. Kite flying activity.
Sites to Use to Develop Lessons/Activities
  Links to sites by Suzanne Alejandre

Dragonwings Teacher's Cyberguide
  by Susan Murphy, San Diego County Office of Education

Internet Insights: Dragonwings
  El Dorado County Office of Education

Forks Middle School 7th Grade Curriculum Site

Laurence Yep Curriculum Materials
  Excellent sample pages that you can download including

Dragonwings Alternative Assessment for Literature Teacher Resource
Dragonwings Theme Connections Theme Packet
Dragonwings Latitudes Teacher Resource

Information on the Author:
  Laurence Yep - Kaleidoscope 6, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  Laurence Yep - Gabe Gancarz, University of Illinois

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