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Disabilities - Vocabulary Quiz

 1. ____ handicapped A. In education, moving from one level to another.
 2. ____ mainstream B. Activities or movements restricting a disabled person.
 3. ____ transition C. A medical determination of problems.
 4. ____ compensation D. Acceptance.
 5. ____ minority E. The degree of disability or limitation.
 6. ____ disability F. A less derogatory term for describing a disabled person.
 7. ____ rehabilitation G. A term for describing a person's specific limitation.
 8. ____ capabilities H. To place challenged individuals in a "regular" class.
 9. ____ limitations I. A member or group not represented in large numbers.
10. ____ inclusion J. Things or acts which can be done by an individual.
11. ____ contribution K. What can given to another, or a group, or society.
12. ____ severity L. To place in a "regular" environment; to not exclude.
13. ____ diagnosis M. Providing corrective therapy: physical, vocational, etc.
14. ____ tolerance N. To make up for loss in another manner or method.
15. ____ challenged O. A generalized term for those unable to help themselves
(often derogatory and falling out of favor).

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