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7th grade Mathematics

Math 7 Units

  Units 7-12

Unit 7 
  Team Building

Unit 8
  Data Sense

Unit 9

Unit 10

Unit 11
  Modular Arithmetic

Unit 12


  The first step in solving a problem is to draw a picture or diagram. Think about what the problem looks like.


  As you start thinking about the problem, list what you are thinking about. The process will help explain to others how you found your answer. As you work on the problem you might change your mind about the solution and your process will show others all of the steps that you went through to get to your final answer.


  Make certain to clearly state your answer to the problem. It might be numerical or it might be in the form of a sentence. If any calculations were necessary to arrive at this answer, make certain to show them on your paper.

Here are student examples of problem solving:

Here is a Dr. Math example of problem solving:

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