Can You Draw a Dragon? 1998-99

As part of the Dragonwings project, students in Ms. Dunbar's and Mrs. Alejandre's Math 7 classes drew dragons. Some of their dragon drawings will be selected to use in a mathematics exercise using the idea of scale drawings and enlargement to scale.

Click on the thumbnail drawing to see a larger version.

Sarah Seastone, Math Forum Archivist and Editor, made a Tragon which she says she was inspired to make after looking at these dragon drawings! If you would like to try manipulating the Tragon, go here.

by Yoney C.

by Mihesha H.

by Michelle D.

by Kimberly S.

by Jessie H.

by Esperanza R.

by Araceli P.

by Alice M.

by Desmond W.

by David N.

by David A.

by Melissa K.

by Crystal R.

by Avinesh P.

by Emanuel C.

by Jennifer M.

by Scott P.

by Michelle H.

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