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7th grade Mathematics

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In one of the textbooks used, Glencoe's Interactive Mathematics, the seventh grade mathematics curriculum consists of six units: team building, data sense, area and perimeter, probability, modular arithmetic and measurement of angles.

These Web pages will provide interactive lessons for students and record techniques used. They will model lessons that

  1. offer a combination of manipulatives and technology
  2. use the computer as a tool
  3. are of sufficient length to engage students fully
  4. can be presented using several strategies
  5. are aligned to both the California Mathematics Standards and the NCTM Standards.
Unit 7 has been re-worked for the 1998-99 school year. Some of the activities are specific to the text, while others stand on their own. Fully developed pages include: Traffic Jam, Dominoes, Bricks, and the Locker Problem.

Mathematics for Grade 7:
Seventh grade students learn that mathematics can be used in many ways.

Unit 7 - Team Building discover new methods of learning.

Unit 8 - Data Sense answer questions about statistics.

Unit 9 - Measurement/Area/Perimeter answer questions about area and perimeter.

Unit 10 - Probability determine fairness and probability.

Unit 11 - Modular Arithmetic answer questions about number patterns and operations.

Unit 12 - Measurement/Angles answer questions about measurement and angles.

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