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Implementing curricula that meets the goals of the California Mathematics Standards is challenging. These Web pages provide some resources to emphasize algebraic thought while still addressing each of the particular Standards for grades 6, 7 and 8.

It is most important not to lose sight of how our students learn. Whenever possible incorporate manipulatives, problem-solving activities, real-world mathematics and sensitivity to learning styles with any text-based instruction.

California Mathematics Standards:

These are all PDF files and require Adobe Acrobat Reader:
Grade 6 - CA Dept. of Education
Grade 7 - CA Dept. of Education
Grade 8 - CA Dept. of Education

These are files that can be viewed using any Web browser:
Grade 6 - Frisbie Middle School
Grade 7 - Frisbie Middle School
Algebra I - Frisbie Middle School

6th-7th-8th Grade 6th Grade
The Math Forum's Pre-Algebra POW Buffon's Needle - Shodor Org.
The Math Forum's ESCOT POW (experimental) Experiment with Volume - C. Lanius
The Math Forum's Algebra POW Fraction Shapes - C. Lanius
Ask Dr. Math - Archives - see "Algebra" The Hand Squeeze - C. Lanius
Ask Dr. Math - FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions Leonardo da Vinci Activity - S. Alejandre
Algebra.help - John Mishanski Jr. Mean, Median, Mode - Shodor Org.
Brief History of Algebra and Computing - J. Bowen The Million Dollar Mission - C. Lanius
Multicultural Math Fair - Frisbie Middle School Polyominoes - C. Lanius
Shodor Organization - Activities (Java applets) Right- or Left-Handed Data Collection - C. Lanius
WebMath - Instant solutions to math problems Understanding Algebraic Factoring - S. Alejandre
WebMath - Puzzle Maker What Good Is Math? - Peck, Rosser, Pifer
7th Grade 8th Grade
7th Grade Math Outline - S. Alejandre Calendar Fun - C. Lanius
Algebraic Thinking - S. Alejandre Functions Made Easy - E. Marshall
Coordinate Graphing - L. Dunbar Impossible Graphs - Shodor Org.
The Hot Tub - C. Lanius Introduction to Functions - Shodor Org.
The Locker Problem - S. Alejandre Introduction to Linear Functions - Shodor Org.
Practicing Arithmetic Skills - S. Alejandre Online Study Tools - Glencoe
River Crossing - R. Littlefield Rectangle Pattern Challenges - C. Lanius
Spreadsheet Activity - S. Alejandre Stressed Out - Slope as Rate of Change - C. Lanius
The Traffic Jam - S. Alejandre Understanding Algebra (applets) - J. Brennan

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