Mathematics Interactive Quiz


  1. All questions must be answered mathematically.
  2. If your mathematical explanation is incorrect, you will get credit because you tried to answer the question.
  3. Ridiculous answers will not receive credit, such as "Just because." or "I read it in a book."
  4. Use complete sentences. Answers cannot start with "Because."
  5. Use the correct heading and an appropriate title.


  1. Why do the divisibility rules work?
  2. Did the Babylonians use fractions?
  3. Why can't you divide by zero?
  4. What is the scientific notation for a million (American system)?
  5. What does PEMDAS mean?
  6. How many sides does a pentagon have?
  7. According to Blaise Pascal which reasons convince us more - those we have found ourselves or those which have occurred to others?
  8. How was algebra brought to Europe?
  9. How many zeroes are there in one trillion (American system)?
  10. How many sides does a dodecagon have?
  11. Did the Egyptians use fractions?
  12. What is an acute triangle?
  13. About how much did a Tyrannosaurus Rex weigh?
  14. What is pi?
  15. How many sides does an icosahedron have?
  16. What is magic about this square?
  17. If you drive 150 kilometers, how many miles would that be?
  18. Where did Hypatia live?
  19. What is a googol?

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