How To Change Icons to Picts

How To Change Graphics in a Pictogram || How To Use Web Graphics

These are specific directions for Mrs. Alejandre's mathematics students at Frisbie Middle School. Students were given a lesson on making graphs using a Claris Works spreadsheet file. They are to apply what they learned in that lesson as they work on a Team Project involving a survey, data collection and data display.

As you follow these directions PLEASE be aware of copyright restrictions. Read the copyright information provided on the various sites and follow their requests for usage.

Choose Appropriate Graphic

You will need to find a small graphic to use in your pictogram. Look for something that matches your data theme. There are various resources available including:

If You Choose an Icon

It is possible to download icons from different sites. It also possible that you have collections of icons already on your desktop. When you have an icon that you would like to use as a small pict, here are directions for changing it.

  1. Assume the icon is visible on your desktop (or in a folder on your desktop).

  2. Select the icon by clicking on it one time with the mouse.

  3. Go to File, select Get Info or use the key stroke shortcut. A window will appear on your screen. You should see the icon in the upper left hand corner of that window.

  4. Select the icon by clicking one time one it. Go to Edit, select Copy.

  5. Now you have the graphic stored in the clipboard. You can either proceed to How To Change Graphics in a Pictogram or you can open a new Claris Works file in order to paste the graphic and continue the process to create a file with a variety of choices for you and/or your students.

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