How To Make A Pie Chart  

These are specific directions for Mrs. Alejandre's mathematics students at Frisbie Middle School. Students were given a lesson on making graphs using a Claris Works spreadsheet file. They are to apply what they learned in that lesson as they work on a Team Project involving a survey, data collection and data display.

Enter Data - Percentages to display in a pie chart

  1. In Column A type the different categories for your data.

  2. In Column B you will want your numbers to show as percentages, so you must set the cell correctly.
  3. Click one time on the B at the top of the column. The entire column should be highlighted. Go to Format, select Number.
  4. A window will appear. Select Percent and enter the number 0 for precision.

  5. As you enter the data in column B, remember to type the number with the percent sign or type it in decimal form.

  6. Remember that the figures in Column B should total to 100%.

Make Pie Graph

  1. Select all of your entries in both Columns A and B.

  2. Go to Options, select Make Chart.
  3. A window will appear with the different types of graphs/charts.
  4. Select Pie and consider the different options at the bottom of the window.

    Try them and see which ones enhance your chart. Remember that you are displaying data to present information! Your chart should be clear.

  5. Go to Labels, type in your Title.

  6. Go to Series, select Label data. You have 3 choices.

  7. Now you are ready to make your chart. Select OK.

Change Fonts and Colors in Pie Chart

  1. To change the font of the title or the legend, click on it once so that it is selected and then go to Format in the menu bar.

  2. You may change the font, size, style and/or color of the text.
  3. Remember that your chart should have clearly displayed information.
  4. The colors displayed above are the default colors that Claris Works uses. They can be changed very easily to be colors of your choice.
  5. Go to View, select Show Tools.
  6. On your chart, select one of the small squares of color by clicking on it once. Use the paint palette. Select a different color and you will see that the original color will be replaced. Continue to select the different small squares and adjust the colors.

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