Rubric - Variable Dilemma

Remember for each of these there are ranges (high to low).

No Score 0
name only

Novice 1
some work
limited awareness
no strategy

Limited awareness of the problem
Drawing does not connect to the problem
Attempts to do the task without any strategy for how to begin
Random or weak organization of problem

Apprentice 2

"The right answer is not enough." - All right answers without explanation would guarantee a 2 rather than a 3 or 4.
Some right answers with good explanation.
Attempt to use equations although some are incorrect
Started to process but didn't get far enough into the problem

Shows appropriate use of numbers
Attempts to use equations although has incorrect solution
Shows some understanding of the problem
Random or weak explanation of strategy

Practioner 3

Most right answers with explanation or clear explanation and some wrong answers.
All answers correct accompanied by the equations with the values correctly plugged into them.

Understands the problem
Uses appropriate equations
Correct solutions
Describes strategy

Expert 4

Makes sure that they cover all their bases - they would check all of their answers.
All answers correct with thorough explanation. Identify properties by name OR description.

Generalizes from previous mathematics experience
Experiments successfully to create multiple solutions
Elaborates on process or strategy used

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