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The following links provide information on bridges and bridge construction to accompany the bridge building cooperative activities in Glencoe's Interactive Mathematics text.

Bluewater Bridge Construction - The Bluewater Bridge international border crossing is a key link between the world's two greatest trading partners. The bridge is centrally located on the eastern border area between the U.S. and Canada.

Bridge Building Contest - The construction and testing of model bridges promotes the study and application of fundamental principles physics and also helps high school students develop "hands on" skills through bridge construction.

Building Big: Webography: Bridges - A comprehensive list of links to a variety of information about bridges.

Bridge Construction Manual - Kansas Department of Transportation

Civil Engineering and Math - Ask Dr. Math Archives from the Math Forum.

The Golden Gate Bridge Under Construction Poster

Hell Gate Bridge - Side elevation. Location: Over the East River in New York City.

NOVA Online - Super Bridge - How would you span a freeway? A canyon? A river? Or an ocean waterway? Learn about the four major types of bridges and then test your knowledge by matching the right bridge to the right location.

Resources for NOVA Online - Super Bridge - Links to a tremendous amount of on-line information compiled by NOVA.

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