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Your teachers all use a computer program, GradeBook Plus, to keep track of your grades. Every time you turn in an assignment, the grade (or score) is added to your record and your grade is calculated or recalculated. The following activity is intended to make this process more understandable.

Each group will be assigned a grading scenario for a student. Your group will also be given a GradeBook Plus disk to use to input scores. The scores for each student will look like this: There are 5 homework assignments and 1 quiz grade for the first week that we are considering. After putting in the grades for your student consider the following questions:

How would their grade be affected
  • if they don't do their homework at all but get an A+ on the quiz?
  • if they do all their homework but they get a C (14 out of 20) on the quiz?
  • if they do 3 of the 5 nights of homework and get an A+ on the quiz?
  • if they do 3 of the 5 nights of homework and get a C on the quiz?
  • if they do all of their homework but they are absent the day of the quiz and they don't come in to make up the work?
What affects grades more? not doing any homework or not taking a quiz? Now that you have considered one week of grades, investigate what happens when you add in grades for the next week. The possibilities to consider include:
  1. your student continues with the same pattern (doing homework, not doing homework, etc.)
  2. your student continues to do the same on quizzes and/or tests.
  3. add in a test and/or project worth 100 or 200 points.

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