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As you work on your Team Project involving a survey, data collection and data display refer to the information provided here to make the charts and graphs using a Claris Works spreadsheet file.

Make a File

  1. Insert your disk.
  2. Open your disk. Find a Claris Works file and open it.
  3. Now that you are in the Claris Works program, go to File and select New.
  4. Look at the list of different files, select Spreadsheet.
  5. Go to File, select Save as.
  6. In the window that appears, type a name for your file, click on Save.
  7. Now you are ready to enter the data that you wish to display on a graph.

Enter Data

Pie Chart
Bar Graph

Make Graph

Pie Chart
Bar Graph

Change Colors and Fonts

Pie Chart
Bar Graph

Manipulating Graphics

How To Change Icons to Picts
How To Use Web Graphics

Other Graphs

Besides bar graphs and pie charts there are other graphs that you can select to display your data when using Claris Works. As we work with data and graphing we will discuss the advantages/disadvantages of selecting specific types of graphs for data display.

Other Graphs

Use Your Graph as a Graphic

  1. Now that you have completed your graph, select it (you should see the four dots, one on each corner), go to Edit, select Copy.
  2. Open a new, word processing file. Go to File, select Save as, and type in Group Project.
  3. Go to View, select Show Tools.
  4. Select the arrow tool from the toolbox. It is in the upper left hand corner!
  5. Go to Edit, select Paste.
  6. You will be able to move your graph anywhere on the screen.
  7. To add in text, select the A from the toolbox or just click in the screen where there is no graphic. When you can see the cursor then you know that you can type and add text.

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