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In class you will be reviewing the following vocabulary words as you work with a set of tangrams. If the words are new to you and/or if you wish to gather more information, use time before or after school to access the links provided. These links are to informational pages at the Math Forum.

1. polygon
2. angle
3. vertex
4. triangle
5. parallelogram
6. quadrilateral
7. square
8. trapezoid
9. congruent polygons
10.congruent sides
11.congruent angles

The following links are to sites where you can interact with a set of tangrams:

Tangram a java applet by Jos van Uden.
  (Hint: On a Mac hold the command key to rotate.)

Tangram Digital 1 player || Tangram Digital 2 players
  The directions are in German but you can still interact. Just use your mouse to click on the corner of any tangram piece and drag to rotate it. To reflect the piece click in the center of it with the mouse. Click and drag from the middle to place the piece in the correct position on the puzzle.

These links are to more information on tangrams.
Tangrams by Tom Scavo
  A unit that uses tangrams to compute the area of polygons without employing formulas.

Tangram - Puzzle World by John Rausch
  In the 1890's, the German firm Richter, known for their Anchor Stone Building Sets, started a line of dissection puzzles with a Tangram set.

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