Team Project - Survey

These are specific directions for Mrs. Alejandre's AVID™ mathematics students at Frisbie Middle School
to complete a Team Project involving a survey, data collection and data display.

See samples of student work.

Group Survey Project:

For the next 3 days your group will be expected to complete a group survey project.

Your final display must include the following to receive the maximum number of points:

  1. Name of group and all group members' full names. (word processed)
  2. A paragraph explaining why you chose the survey questions. (word processed)
  3. A paragraph explaining how you found the answers to your questions. Who you asked? When you asked? How many questions did each group member ask? (word processed)
  4. A paragraph explaining why your group thinks that your data are an accurate representation of the school's students. Remember you should consider equity of gender, age and ethnic background when conducting a survey so that it is a representative sample of the group you are polling. (word processed)

      For your information Frisbie has students who are

      • either male or female [gender]
      • in either the 7th or 8th grade [age]
      • either African-American or Asian or Hispanic or Pacific Islander or White
        [ethnic background]
  5. A paragraph explaining why your group thinks that the data your group collected was the best number of people to ask in order to have an accurate sampling. (word processed)
  6. Graph your data using a Claris Works spreadsheet. Each question must be graphed separately.
    [If you are comparing two question you may graph them both on one graph - for example if you asked people what kind of shoes they buy and also ask them how much they spend on a pair of shoes.]
  7. A paragraph for each graph describing your data. (word processed)
  8. A paragraph explaining how your group rates itself in conducting the survey. Explain any problems that were encountered. Explain parts of the survey project that went well or did not work well.

General Directions:

    As a group member completes each separate part of the project, make certain that his/her NAME is on the work.

    Each member must complete a minimum of 2 parts of the project.

    Each group will be given:

    • poster paper to assemble parts of the project
    • glue, scissors, rulers
    • color printer will be available to print graphs
    • colored pencils will be available for decorating

    Remember that the directions for Claris Works graphing are on the Web page for AVID Mathematics students. Separate directions will not be given. Your group is expected to make use of the directions on the Web if needed.

Due Date:

    The completed project is due

    • Thursday, October 23 if you are a Period 3 student.
    • Friday, October 24 if you are a Period 4 student

Suggested Time-line of Activities:

    Monday/Tuesday - Period 3

    • make certain that all group members know what to ask and whom to ask
    • decide how to make your survey accurate for

        ethnic background

    • assign tasks - decide who will write each paragraph

    Monday/Tuesday - Period 4

    • start any tasks that can be done without data - any prints keep in group folder
    • students who will be graphing the data should practice!

    Monday/Tuesday - rest of the day


    Wednesday - work with group to

    • organize data
    • write paragraphs

    Thursday/Friday - period 3

    • organize data
    • write paragraphs

    Thursday/Friday - period 4

    • use computers to complete parts of the survey and assemble! - team work will be necessary

Social Skill:


    • respect yourself
    • respect your classmates
    • respect the teacher


    Group Grade:

      160 points - possible 20 points for each of the eight sections.

    Individual Grade:

      40 points - possible 20 points for each of the two sections that you complete.

    Maximum number of points per person for the project -- 200 points

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