Three School Survey Project

Frisbie Middle School, Rialto, California
Highland Middle School, Highland, Illinois
Lakeview Middle School, Greenville, South Carolina

Survey Questions

In October, 1998, the seventh grade mathematics students in Ms. Dunbar's and Mrs. Alejandre's classes at Frisbie Middle School in Rialto, CA were learning about statistics. One of the activities included a survey. The survey questions were written by Mr. Hartwell, the language arts teacher, and Mr. Sawyer, the history/social science teacher. As the Frisbie students were working on their Team Survey Project, Mrs. Alejandre started corresponding with Mr. Basden at Highland Middle School in Highland, Illinois and Mrs. Sprouse at Lakeview Middle School in Greenville, South Carolina.

The three teachers met last summer while attending a Math Forum Summer Institute. Mr. Basden and Mrs. Sprouse asked their middle school students to respond to the survey questions. Then Ms. Dunbar and Mrs. Alejandre gathered the same information from their students. All of the data from the three schools was gathered. Interesting was a comparison of the number of students answering correctly to each of the questions from the three schools.

Mrs. Alejandre compiled that information, presented it in percentage form to her students who then made bar graphs to display the comparisons. The students made bar graphs and pictograms using Claris Works and made gifs of their graphs using Clip2Gif. In addition they wrote questions to the Highland and Lakeview students to start conversations.

Each of the questions is linked to a separate page where the answers and graphs can be viewed. With time each question will have a record of the student conversations from the three middle schools.

  1. Which of the following continents is also a country?

  2. Who was the Native American guide who helped in the discovery of a continental-wide United States?

  3. Lines of Longitude run in which direction on a map?

  4. The line at 0 degrees latitude is called the?

  5. Where was the original United States Capital located?

  6. The line at 0 degrees longitude is called?

  7. Which of the following individuals was not involved in the Women's Suffrage Movement which led to the passage of the 19th Amendment?

  8. Albania is a country in?

  9. What is the approximate human population of the world?

  10. Which quadrant of the world contains North America?

  11. What is the year of the first documented sale of African slaves in North America?

  12. Which quadrant of the world contains Asia?

  13. A compass needle points in which direction at all times?

  14. Who was the first woman astronaut to "fly" in space?

  15. Which of the following received the first Academy Award made to an Hispanic actor/actress?

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