Sea World Tessellations

As part of a team interdisciplinary project which concluded in a trip to Sea World, students of Team 7-2 created tessellations of an aquatic animal figure. The students followed a tutorial created by their teacher, Suzanne Alejandre. The challenge was to create a tessellation with a Sea World theme which is not an easy task. Here are samples of Sea World creatures with accompanying poems. Larger views of the tessellations can be seen by clicking on each individual tessellation.
Page 1 - Tessellations by Emanuel, Marcos/Ramon, Alice/Jennifer, and Rimantas

Page 2 - Tessellations by Brandy/Kimberly, Chris, David/Hector, and Donald

Page 3 - Tessellations by Ismael/Yoney, Michael/Ronald, Jevon, Avinesh/Francisco

Page 4 - Tessellations by Quinnay/LaToya, Tia, Francisco, Jerry

Page 5 - Tessellations by Humberto, Scott, Damien, Michelle/Esperanza

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