Sea World Tessellations, page 1

Sea World Poem

I went to the sea,
I fell on my knee;
and I found the key
and I drank iced tea.
I found a fish
and fried it in a dish.
I ate it from the sea
and had it with iced tea.

by Emanuel Castro

The Sea

I went to the sea
and went scuba diving deep
into the water.
I saw many fishes of
different sizes.
I saw more different sea animals.

by Marcos Luna and Ramon Hernandez


My tux is so neat, I'm looking good.
Nothing goes right, nothing goes wrong
but what I know is that my tux won't go wrong.
I have no hair so be aware
because I'm a lot of scare.
Goodbye for now, I've got to run
because I've got to go home.

by Alice Mercado and Jennifer Medrano

The Man

by Rimantas Balciunas

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