Sea World Tessellations, page 2

The Fish

Fishes are bright,
They glide thru the night
like a beam of light.
Fishes come in all sizes and shapes
and they make good taste.
As you can see, ours is blue and green.
Don't get them mad,
Or they will get mean.

by Brandy Howlett and Kimberly Sambrano


When you see him coming you run,
He always is ruining your fun.
When you see his fin you shout to your friend,
Hurry up and get out of the water.
Some of them eat little fish,
But most of them prefer human meat on their dish.
So if you don't want to be a snack,
Next time you're at the ocean, watch your back!

by Chris Mason


We made sharks,
black and grey sharks.
They had blue eyes.
They had no teeth.
They were fat sharks,
all the same size.
They were made of blocks,
the three colored sharks.

by David Aston and Hector Gomez

Fish Head

The ocean is a real big place
for wonderful sea animals and
ships to float on in the summer.
Most of the time you can see nice
little birds called seagulls.
My animal is a fish head and
it's very creative.
It has real nice hair and nice colors, too.
It's the best head in the ocean.

by Donald Pinkston

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