Sea World Tessellations, page 4


Sometimes I'm light green,
but sometimes I'm not.
Sometimes I'm dark green,
but sometimes I'm not.
Sometimes I'm both colors,
but sometimes I'm not.
Do you want to know what I am?
I'm a two colored turtle.

by Quinnay Davis and LaToya Minter

Two Headed Sea Turtles

Two headed sea turtles hate each other's guts.
They pray to God,
they wish they where unstuck.
No they can't get from being stuck because
two headed sea turtles are supposed to be good luck.
One day they tried
to go their separate ways
but they where stuck and they stayed there
for days and days.

by Tia Walker


Fishies are colorful.
Fishies are beautiful.
Fishies are wonderful.
Fishies are bright as night.
I like the way they fight.
I think they look tight.
I like the way they fight
because they scratch and bite.

by Francisco Alvarez


It is something you do not know.
It can be anywhere.
It can be in your room.
It can be right next to you.
It can be anything you want it to be.
Just don't make IT a bad thing.

by Jerry Gant

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