Sea World Tessellations, page 5

My Fishy Poem

I have sixteen fishes
But my cat says they are so delicious.
Now I only have fifteen.

by Humberto Ramirez

My Sea Creature

My creature lives in the rocks and swims with crocs.
He doesn't own a clock but he uses one under the dock.
He swims very fast. Someone hit him with a mast.
He won't bite anything. Because he is a thing.
He isn't very fat. Because he isn't a cat.
He also does not wear a top hat.
He has very sharp teeth.
And that's the end.

by Scott Powers


and their purple and black tuxedos
They prance around
in their black and purple coats.

by Damien Jackson

Sting Rays

It was a Friday morning and
we got up early to go to school,
because our team was going to go to Sea World.
When we got there we saw a Sting Ray.
It was gray and gooey.
We thought it was going to
sting us but we got the guts to touch it.
That is one thing that we did at Sea World.

by Michelle Davis and Esperanza Rodriguez

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