Thoughts on
How To Make a Pictogram

November, 1998

Suzanne Alejandre's mathematics students explain the procedures they followed to make a pictogram. Here is a sample of their responses.

Yoney C.:

The way you do a pictogram is to first open the disk. Then open school and click file new. Then click painting and ok. Go to file, then library and pick one from the list. To make the picture smaller go to transform and scale by percent. Then go to edit and select copy. After that go to view and select schools-ss and then let go. Double click in the graph, and click on pictogram as the kind of graph/chart that you want. Then on the side, click series. Click on the orange arrow, push edit and paste. Click on the little box marked repeating and then click on ok. That's how you make a pictogram!

Jessica C.:

This is how you can make a pictogram in the computer. First save a graph and then go to a painting file. After that go to edit and click on library and choose an animal or something else. After you choose, click on use and also click on the top left corner to have the arrow. Then go to view and click on spreadsheet and then you will see again your graph.

Click on the graph and you will see an arrow. Click on it and also click on repeating. Go to edit, click on paste, and after that instead of the arrow, you will see an animal or soemthing else.

Michelle H.:

After you put your disk in and double click on it, go to a ClarisWorks file labled schools and double click on it. After opening schools, go to File-new. Go to painting and then click on OK. Then you go to File-library and pick one of the words that will have a picture that you think will best describe the title of your graph.

You'll need to make it smaller so it will fit on your graph. To make it smaller go to transform-scale by percent. You should probably do it twice so that it will fit. Then go to Edit-copy. Then go to View-schools(SS). Then your graph will pop up on to the screen. Double click on that and a whole other window will pop up. When it does, go over to the orange arrow and click on it. Then go to Edit-paste. Then click on the little box under the orange arrow labeled repeating and then push OK. That's how you make a pictogram.

Justin M.:

A pictogram is a graph that uses pictures or symbols that represent statistical data. It has pictures of items. A pictogram is divided into squares. A pictogram has names of keys. For example, the pictogram that has a music topic could have all kinds of radio stations.

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