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organized according to the NCTM Standards - Grades 6-8

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Content Standards

Number and Operations

      Finding Sums
      Magic Squares
         Dürer Activity
         Franklin Activity
         Lo Shu Activity
         The Sator Square
         Mike Morton's Applet
      Mayan Math
      Modular Arithmetic
      Practicing Arithmetic Skills
      Rectangles and Squares Activity
      Srinivasa's Spheres


      Algebraic Factoring
      Algebraic Thinking
      Graphs to Go
      Graphing Exponential Functions
      Graphing Linear Functions
      Graphing Polynomial Functions
      Lewis Howard Latimer
      Locker Problem
      Leonardo da Vinci
      Middle School Algebra Links
      Operations with Integers
      Tower of Hanoi
      Traffic Jam
      The Variable Dilemma || Rubric


      Anybody Know The Time?
      Area and Perimeter
      Building A Pyramid
      Buying Tile
      Can You Draw a Larger Dragon?
      Pirate Diamond Activity
      What is Area?

Data Analysis and Probability

      How to Make a Bar Graph
      How to Make a Pie Chart
      How to Make a Pictogram
      Spreadsheet Activity
      Three School Survey Project

      Bricks Activity
      Buying Tile
      Chinese Tangram Puzzles
      Circle Designs
         Nets of Crystals
         Real World - Viewing Crystals
         Systems of Crystals
      Geometric Factoring
      Navajo Burntwater Designs
      Paper Folding Activity
      Pirate/Diamond Problem
      Polyhedra in the Classroom
         Constructing Rectangular Prisms
         HyperCard Animation
         Learning About Buckyballs
         Paper Nets
         Polyhedra Essay
         Polyhedra on the Web
         Polyhedra Speech
         Using KaleidoTile
      Regular Tessellations
      Sonya's Symmetry
      Studying Mandelbrot Fractals
      Studying Polyhedra
      Tessellation Tutorials
         Four Types of Symmetry
         Hist. & Geo. Connections
         Repeated Reflections
         Tessellate!- Shodor Org.
         Tessellating - Strghtdg. & Compass
         Using Activity Pattern Blocks
         What Is a Tessellation?
         What Is a Tiling?
      Using Kali
      What is Area?
Other Resources
Curriculum and Standards

      7th grade Mathematics
         developed during 1997-98 & 1998-99

      Standards-aligned 7th Grade Math
         developed during 1999-2000

      Middle School Math Curriculum
         Position Paper: Standards 2000

      CA Mathematics Standards (6th)
      CA Mathematics Standards (7th)
      CA Mathematics Standards (8th)


      Claris Works Tessellation Tutorial
      Claris Works Graphing
         Graphing Exponential Functions
         Graphing Linear Functions
         Graphing Polynomial Functions
      Cornell Note-taking
      HyperCard & Tessellations
      HyperStudio & Tessellations
      LogoWriter Tessellations
      More LogoWriter Tessellations
      Tessellating - Strghtdg. & Compass

Multicultural Math Fairs

      1999-2000 version
         aligned to CA Math. Standards
      1995-1999 version
         English/Spanish activities
Link Pages

      Area and Perimeter
      ClarisWorks Graphing
      Links: Number Systems
      Math Interactive Quiz
      Math. & Scientists
      Math. & Scientists Treasure Hunt
      Middle School Algebra
      Polyhedra on the Web
      Using Dr. Math Archives

Interdisciplinary Lessons

      Survey Project & Book Reports
      Dragonwings Project
      Science Fair Project
      Disabilities/Probability Project
      Sea World Project
      Wild Animal Park Project 1997-98
      Student Led Conferences

ESCOT Teacher Support

      Galactic Exchange
      The Hispaniola Water Shortage
      In the Dark with an Elephant
      Marathon Graphing
      Search and Rescue, Part I
      Search and Rescue, Part II
      Graph Zooming

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