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Frisbie Middle School is located in Rialto, California, a community of over 75,000 people. Founded in 1966, the school currently serves almost 1,100 students. Twenty-nine percent of the student population is Limited English Proficient; Arabic, Cambodian, Chinese, German, Indonesian, Korean, Philipino, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Samoan, Spanish, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, and Urdu are represented at our school.

The ethnic composition can be seen in the graph.

 Hispanic   558   52% 
 African-American   326   30% 
 White   128   12% 
 Asian/Pacific Islander   59   6% 
 American Indian   4   0% 

Frisbie is a "Middle School Magnet school," which means that middle school Limited English Proficient (LEP) students at levels one and two from all over the district attend Frisbie's program. A student's day includes six periods, with a core curriculum consisting of language arts, science, history, math, physical education, and an elective or exploratory course. Students are scheduled with teams of teachers for their core classes, except where specific needs are identified for additional support in a specialized area.

During the 1993-1994 school year the mathematics department of Frisbie Middle School initiated a Multicultural Math Fair using Addison Wesley's Multiculturalism in Mathematics, Science and Technology: Readings and Activities [ISBN 0-201-29417-6] as a resource. Each of the nine mathematics teachers decided on one activity and wrote directions for the students to follow. In developing activities attention was given to the genders, cultures, and continents of the mathematicians represented.

The activities are set up annually in a double room with vertical hanging banners naming each station. The different stations are decorated with posters and information appropriate to the culture that is represented. Each mathematics teacher signs up for two days to bring students to the Fair. Elementary school classes visit and use the Fair on Wednesdays because Frisbie students have a minimum day schedule that day.

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