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Activity 10

Mayan Math

Learning the Mayan number system and using it to find answers to simple arithmetic problems.

by Randy Kellmer

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  1. 2 Macintosh computers
  2. HyperStudio or HyperStudio Player - Macintosh Sunburst Technology
  3. Mayan Math HyperStudio stack*
  4. Mayan Math Answer Sheet

    *Stack written by Randy Kellmer


  1. Two students sit at each computer.
  2. Each pair of students needs an answer sheet. The answer sheets are in the basket on the table. Write your names, the date, and the class period on your answer sheet.
  3. Now start to work on your computer. Click the mouse on the rectangle that says 'Next Screen'. Read each screen as you come to it and follow the directions.
  4. On each screen you will have three choices. Click 'Next Screen' to go forward, 'Last Screen' to go backward, and if you finish everything or run out of time, click 'Back to Start'.
  5. When you get to the numbered problems, shade in each answer you get on your answer sheet. If the answer is there more than once, shade in all of them.
  6. When you finish all the problems, the letters left on your answer sheet will spell out a fact about the Mayans.


Your product is a completed 'Mayan Math Answer Sheet'.
The Scribe checks off the station on the recording sheet.


  1. Make certain you click the 'Back to Start' rectangle when you are done.
  2. Put the 'Mayan Math Answer Sheet' in the group folder.

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