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Morse High School is the Center for Technology and Pacific Rim Studies. The school magnet is now focused on five career paths designed to provide a multifaceted, enriched magnet program. The curriculum will range from a base core program up to and including accelerated course offerings with options in specialized areas:

Aeronautics - a 2 to 3 year program in flight training leading to a private pilot's license; aviation technology that introduces manufacturing skills
Engineering - a wide range of math courses, including specialized programs in design and engineering through the use of the computer
Science - a highly changing program in a variety of science fields including biotechnology, environmental science, physiology, physics, and marine sciences
Tourism - programs in hotel and motel management, restaurant management, and travel introduce a new and exciting program
Languages - languages and cultural immersion in Spanish, French, German, Tagalog, and Japanese

Each career path will provide students with challenging opportunities for work-related experiences. College-taught programs, AP classes, and a new multidisciplinary course in problem solving or product production will be offered. Resources from the school and the community have been combined to establish extended learning opportunities and academic preparation for post-secondary education.

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