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in support of the Aeronautics Career Path

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The links provided here could be used to develop mathematics lessons in support of the topics of aeronautical engineering, airport management, air traffic control and commercial pilot. There is a lesson template available for your use.

Idea 1

Write a lesson that uses the variety of resource links that NASA offers at this site specifically designed for educators.

NASA Spacelink
Idea 2

Instruct students to join the Aeronautics mailing list. Design a lesson involving communication with others interested in aeronautics.

Aeronautics mailing list
Idea 3

Write a lesson on the mathematics of airport management.

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) - Airports
Idea 4

Adapt the Houston Area Real-Time Traffic Report lesson by Susan Boone to a lesson involving air traffic in your metropolitan area.

FAA - Airports || FAA - Air Traffic Services || Airlines - U.S. Based || Airlines - Non U.S. Based
Idea 5

Write a lesson on the mathematics of space.

NASA Space Mathematics

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