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Teacher's Role



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  1. Teacher as Learner

    During the seven years that I lived in Europe, I often enjoyed the experience of learning along with my husband and two young sons. It was a humbling and at the same time exhilarating experience to learn a new language through immersion. When I first rode the streetcar to the train station on my way to work, I would have to hold out a variety of coins in my hand, trusting that the conductor would take the correct amount of money. The first time I could understand the fare that the conductor asked me (in German) to pay, I was amazed.

    Unfortunately, teachers don't always remember how much fun it can be to learn. Some teachers reach a point when they think that learning is over and teaching has begun. I can't agree with that mindset.

    In today's society, teachers must be learners.

  2. Teacher as Facilitator

    Because each learner needs to take personal responsibility for learning, teachers must know how to act in the role of facilitator, creating environments in which students will choose to become engaged in tasks and will want to learn. No matter how long or how often teachers talk about a subject, not until students choose to become involved and engaged can real learning take place.

  3. Support for Teachers

    Not all teachers have strong backgrounds in technology or adequate training in using cooperative learning, rubrics, and/or activities. There are ways, however, to seek assistance.

      Colleagues are the best place to start. Begin within your mathematics department, but if you find no one of particular help continue on to teachers of other disciplines.

      Technology training can help some teachers, but creating liaisons with a computer teacher or computer expert on campus may be a more realistic path. Computer teachers enjoy presenting projects useful to other disciplines to their classes.

      The Web is an excellent source of information, lessons, activities, and resources.

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