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Joshua Zucker & Suzanne Alejandre &

Objectives for the Workshop:
  • Demonstrate how each service works, and why the models for the two services differ.
  • Conclude what students/teachers get out of sending in questions.
  • Explain what we teachers get from answering questions.
  • Discuss how you can make use of a service (the archives, etc.) in the classroom.
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Background: Joshua Zucker was born and raised in California. He dropped out of Palisades High School in 1986, spending a summer training with the US Math Olympiad and Physics Olympiad teams before going on to begin college at Stanford University. He was selected as a member of the first US team to participate in the IPhO (International Physics Olympiad, England, 1986). In 1990 Joshua completed his undergraduate studies at Stanford with a BS in physics and MS in mathematics. He received an MS in astrophysics from UC Berkeley in 1993. Since then, he has taught math in a variety of places, including several community colleges around the Bay Area, the Education Program for Gifted Youth, and summer programs for gifted students at the Wisconsin Center for Academically Talented Youth, and Gunn HS. Now he is a full-time math teacher at Castilleja School in Palo Alto. He also directs the annual Polya Math Contest and runs the weekly Palo Alto mathematical circle.

Joshua is known as "Dr. Schwa" at Ask Dr. Math (you can search the archives there for that alias if you want to see a few examples of answers he has written), a service provided by the Math Forum, his favorite math site on the web. Primarily as a result of his involvement with this service, he was mentioned in a recent article about online learning.
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Background: Suzanne Alejandre, also a California native, recently moved to Swarthmore, Pennsylvania to begin her full-time job as an Educational Resource and Service Developer for the Math Forum. In that new role she is responsible for developing model online educational materials and classroom applications of Math Forum services (particularly middle school and up), supporting the data organization and expansion of online content according to classroom needs and expectations, cultivating other exemplar materials and professional development programs and integrating these into the Math Forum, recruiting and supporting participants in the Forum's Teacher Associates program, and advising educational service projects such as Ask Dr. Math and T2T with the perspective of the classroom teacher and professional developer.

Her experience as a middle school teacher was at Frisbie Middle School in Rialto, California where she taught from 1973-1977 and 1987-2000. As a mathematics and computer teacher and because of training received from Math Forum Summer Institutes, Suzanne has written a variety of Mathematics Lessons. In 1998 Suzanne became a T2T Associate and as part of her current job she writes the T2T FAQs.