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Introduction: Joshua Zucker (Dr. Schwa) and Suzanne Alejandre introduce themselves and the two sites at the Math Forum that will be highlighted during this presentation.
About Ask Dr. Math -
About Teacher2Teacher -
Getting Acquainted with the Ask Dr. Math Archives: Participants explore the different levels of the Ask Dr. Math Archives and time is given to share findings.
Elementary School Archives -
Middle School Archives -
High School Archives -
College Archives -
Purpose of Each Service
Ask Dr. Math FAQs -
Search Ask Dr. Math -
T2T FAQs -
Search T2T -
Office Tour: Demonstration of what goes on behind the scenes in both Ask Dr. Math and T2T.

Review how to find information: At the Ask Dr. Math site you can browse, search or ask.
Ask Dr. Math -
Dr. Math Activity Cards: Activity cards will be distributed. Each card has a math content question and a URL of a Dr. Math response. After referring to the information on the URL, use the other resources on the site to find more on that topic or a related topic. Keep track of what you did to possibly share with the group.

Reading Lists: Students enjoy reading other people's letters. Use this idea and add mathematics content for a winning combination!
Cornell Note-taking -
Link Pages Using Ask Dr. Math Archives -
T2T - Teachers' Lounge: Find a discussion that is interesting and post a message.
T2T: Teachers' Lounge -
Closing: How can you contibute to these services? What do student/teachers get out of sending in questions?
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Join the T2T Community -
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