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aligned to the NCTM Standards - Number & Operations: Grades 6-8
Finding Sums
Given a puzzle with three overlapping triangles and 10 numbers students are to arrange the numbers so that the sums are equal to the same number in each of the three larger triangles. Paper manipulatives available.

Magic Squares
A unit including classroom activities for four different squares: Lo Shu, Sator, Dürer, and Franklin, three of them demonstrating increasing complexity using numbers, and one made up of letters, with number and symmetry questions and links and suggestions for history / geography / writing activities for teachers interested in interdisciplinary work.

Dürer Activity
Franklin Activity
Lo Shu Activity
The Sator Square
Magic Square Java applet by Mike Morton
Mayan Math (English version) || Matemáticas de los Mayas (Spanish version)
In this activity from Frisbie Middle School's Multicultural Math Fair students learn the Mayan number system and use it to find answers to simple arithmetic problems.

Modular Arithmetic
An adaptation of a lesson, Clock Arithmetic, by Dr. Susan Addington investigating a 12, 10 and 2 hour clock.

Practicing Arithmetic Skills
Links to software and interactive sites providing practice in basic arithmetic skills.

Rectangles and Squares Activity
Students investigate the attributes of squares and rectangles including length of side, area and perimeter using an interactive web page (technology) and also geoboards (manipulative). After working through the first problems and recognizing certain patterns, students are asked to investigate rational and irrational numbers.

Srinivasa's Spheres (English version) || Esferas de Srinivasa (Spanish version)
In this activity from Frisbie Middle School's Multicultural Math Fair students work through exercises with circles and Pi.

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