Applets and Their Uses

presented by Suzanne Alejandre

at the 39th Northwest Mathematics Conference
Math For The Millennium
in Victoria, British Columbia
Session 215
University of Victoria
Saturday, Oct. 21, 9:45 a.m. - 10:45 a.m.

Goals of the Workshop:
  • To show that technology, particularly applets on the Internet, can be used as a tool for teaching mathematics effectively.
  • To provide links to applets already on the Web.
  • To suggest resources to use in writing your own applets.

Java applets bring a unique opportunity to a classroom teacher with access to technology to engage students in mathematical thinking. Used in combination with manipulatives and paper/pencil activities the Internet and in particular Java applets, can provide the teacher with more opportunities to reach students.

More Reading on the Web:
  1. Position Paper for the Standards 2000 and Technology Conference
  2. Teaching Math with Technology by Ihor Charischak with Suzanne Alejandre
  3. Standards-aligned 7th Grade Mathematics offering a combination of manipulatives, technology, and paper/pencil activities.
Lesson Examples:

-- Intro to Geometry for Primary Students
-- Studying Polyhedra
-- Traffic Jam


There are two ways to have applets to use with your students. One is to find them on the Web and the other is to make them yourself. The links to the right will provide some ideas for both methods.
 Applets on the Web:

  Cut-the-Knot Interactive Activities
      by Alexander Bogomolny

  Educational Java Programs
      by Jacobo Bulaevsky

  Enchanted Mind
      by J. L. Read

  Interactivate Activities
      by the Shodor Organization

  Java on the Brain
      Karl Hörnell's Applet Center

  Let's Do Math
      by MathResources Inc.

  Manipula Math with Java
      by IES Inc.

  Manipulatives List
      7th grade Mathematics

  National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
      (in development)
      by Utah State University

  Prometeo Examples
      by Multimedia Java Applications

 Make Your Own Applets:

  Creating Simple Math Applets
      by IES Inc.

  Java on the Brain Downloads
      by Karl Hörnell

  Java on the Brain Links
      by Karl Hörnell

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