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In introductory Web workshops for teachers, administrators, parents, or students, it is helpful to begin with well-chosen reference points. When search engines are used as introductory points, the audience can either be overwhelmed or quickly get lost.

Many pages on the Web are designed spatially and assume that users will follow hypertext links to go from page to page in a non-linear way. This works well for experienced Web users because they have become familiar with this way of moving around. Some people, however, don't think spatially, (1) which may be why they don't always feel comfortable when they begin to use the Web. In order to introduce the Web to people with varying strengths of perception, a linear method for looking at Web pages can be helpful.

Below is a list of pages that can be used as 'home pages' for an opening presentation. As I give more workshops or as others follow a similar format, this list will become longer.


SCORE Merced Institute
Thirteen mathematics teachers from California met in Merced, CA June 16-20, 1997 to participate in a Schools of California On-Line Resources in Education Institute. The site documents the process of teaching mathematics teachers how to write their interactive lessons on the Web. Plans are to work with the participants as they edit their original attempts and to show their progress by linking older and newer versions of the pages.
Workshop for High School Teachers
A General Introduction to the Web
About this workshop
Workshop for School District Managers
The Web Reference Page
About this workshop
Parents' Workshop
General References for Parents
General References for Spanish-speaking Parents
General References for All Parents
Puzzles, Brain Teasers and Stories (English and Spanish links)
About this workshop
Workshop for Teachers
General References for Teachers
About this workshop
Summer Orientation and Academic Readiness (S.O.A.R.)
References on the Olympic Games
About this workshop

  Workshop Ideas

A Workshop for Web Beginners
Outline of a two-hour workshop that presents a linear introduction to the Web. If the Math Forum is the site to be introduced, here is a linear list of Math Forum topics.

  Others' Workshop Ideas

Mathematical Content on the World Wide Web: Getting Beyond "Gee Whiz!" by Susan Addington and David Marshall
(1) For information on Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences, see Creating the Future: Dee Dickinson: Howard Gardner: Intelligence in Seven Steps

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