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Learning About Buckyballs

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Students wondering why we study about polyhedra can find one reason by looking through the information in the links to Buckyballs. Remember to watch for the vocabulary that we have been studying including face, vertex (vertices), edge, polyhedron (polyhedra), icosahedron (icosahedra), truncated, pentagon, hexagon and solid.
  1. Buckyball - applet - S. Weber

  2. Buckyball a C60 molecule

  3. Build a Buckyball - Schlumberger

  4. A Fullerene Structure Library

  5. How to make a Buckyball - Graham's Lightwave Tips

  6. Kimberly Allen's Buckyball Web Page

  7. The Naming of Buckminsterfullerene - E.J. Applewhite

  8. The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1996

  9. The R. Buckminster Fuller FAQ

  10. Unearthing Buckyballs (view Buckyballs Video Clip)

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