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This page was designed to meet the needs of a group of eight Middle School teachers who would be using the World Wide Web for the first time with students who would be present for a two-week orientation program.

As I selected links, I attempted to find sites that would provide information in specific curricular areas. Links to sites written in Spanish were included for use with our Spanish-speaking students. Rather than linking to general sites, I tried to find a page within a general site that had the actual information I wanted. I knew that both the students and teachers would be new to the Web and I wanted to take them right to the desired information.

Two days were used to train the teachers in the technology to be used during S.O.A.R. The participants worked at computers in teams of two. They had already been paired by subject to teach for S.O.A.R: there were two math teachers, two language arts teachers, two science teachers and two history/social science teachers.

I started by teaching them how to e-mail using Eudora. While they were familiarizing themselves with Eudora, I sent them all a message that included the URL for S.O.A.R. Then I walked around and showed each pair of teachers how to open Netscape. I encouraged them to go back and forth between Eudora and Netscape.

As I had hoped, as the teachers went to the various links to pages on the Olympics they thought of them as having connections to their subjects. They shared with each other and I provided technical assistance individually so that they became comfortable using both Netscape and Eudora.

During the S.O.A.R. program one team of teachers displayed the Olympic Reference Pages using a TV monitor. Another team set up a computer with Internet capability as one of the activity stations. We set the home page to the Olympic Reference Pages. The two other teams used the information on the Olympics in their lessons.

The teachers came to appreciate the potential of the Web as a teaching tool, which had been my goal.

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