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This session was planned so that a student and parent/guardian would attend together. I had already met with the participants for several sessions and knew that most of them were new computer users. The 'Reference' page was designed for parents who were being introduced to the Internet for the first time. I wanted them to see the value of the Internet both for themselves and as a potential learning tool for their children.

As I selected links, I attempted to find sites that would appeal to a variety of tastes. Some people like to read information, others like to see information presented visually, and still others like a combination of the two.

This class lasted an hour and a half, but because of the large number of participants and the limited number of Internet connections, each person had half the time or 45 minutes to explore the Web. The other half of the group worked on a Claris Works assignment; midway through the session people traded places.

I encouraged participants to get right to work. As questions came up, I attempted either to answer them or to suggest ways to find answers. I kept jargon to a minimum throughout the class. When asked, I responded to technical questions, but my primary objective was to make this an enjoyable and non-threatening experience for everyone involved.

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