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This page was designed to meet the needs of a diverse group of 'managers' of a school district. The participants ranged from a Middle School Dean of Students to the Superindentent of Schools, and their computer experience was as varied as their job descriptions.

As I selected links, I attempted to find sites that would appeal to a variety of tastes. Some people like to read information, others like to see information presented visually, and still others like a combination of the two.

I felt it would be important to have several links on the page that could provide a focus for the group. The references to the Lycos Map and the Rialto Unified School District home page were the two that I used for this purpose.

This workshop lasted only one hour. The participants worked individually and in some cases in pairs. One computer was displayed on a television monitor. I started by pointing out two things: the blue hypertext and how to use the 'Home' button at the top of the Netscape screen.

Because I had no prior experience with these participants, I felt it was important to get them right down to work, since much can be gained by watching participants interact with the computer. After a short time people who came with greater experience began helping and showing features to those who were inexperienced. As questions came up, I attempted either to answer them or to suggest ways to find answers.

After about 15 minutes I steered them all to the Lycos map. This page is engaging and has wide appeal. After some participants had printed their maps I suggested that everyone go 'Home' to find the Rialto home page so that they could see their own departments and sites. I encouraged them to continue trying any links that they found interesting. I also continued to answer individual questions.

I kept jargon to a minimum throughout the workshop. When asked, I responded to a technical question, but my primary objective was to make this an enjoyable and non-threatening experience for everyone involved.

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