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This list of links for puzzles, brain teasers, problems and stories is used during the Parent Computer Class held every Tuesday from 5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. in Room B-7 at Frisbie Middle School.
in English en español
Australian Activities
Fun things for kids to do - Aussie style!
Archivo de Rompecabezas
Colegio Humboldt - San Jose, Costa Rica
Brain Teasers
Math puzzles for grades 3-4, 5-6, and 7+.
Cuentos del más acá
Hay ocho cuentos interesantes para leer.
Easter in Seville
Select the link 'Easter in Seville' from this page to read all about Easter traditions in Seville, Spain.
Divisibilidad por 13 y por números primos (13,17,19...)
Eric's Puzzles of Wonder
Problems, boggles and story riddles.
Cosas muy interesantes para estudiantes y profesores de inglés.
International Book Fair
Kids from all over the world send in reviews of their favorite books.
Los Cuentos de Ika Bremer
en inglés tambíen
Links for Middle School Teenagers
Twenty-five links including Apollo II Mission, Frogland and Volcano World.
Mexico Links to Mexico y páginas en español.
Math Line Puzzles
Draw out the picture to help solve the puzzle.
Reto en la Red
Matemática - Esta página tratará sobre problemas lógicos.
Middle School Problem of the Week
Mathematics - problems are written and answered by Ridgeview High School students.
Rompecabezas de la semana
¿Sabes la respuesta?
Mike Rofone - The Roving Reporter Stories
A continuing story - the current segment is Part III of Series Seven, 'Never Lost Till Won'.
Otras cosas interesantes
Mystery - The Case
The fun and challenging mystery website.
Punto de referencia de buscadores de información en internet en español.
Ranger Rick
A site sponsored by the National Wildlife Federation.
Cultura Maya
Contenido - antiguo imperio y nuevo imperio
The Fairy Tales of Ika Bremer
also available in Spanish.
Información en español
de la biblioteca de Chico High School
The Ultimate Puzzle Site
Various basic puzzles, mathematical puzzles, brain teasers, complex problems.
Latin America Network Information Center
A very popular children's story in Europe.
Mexico, Arte, Cultura, y Folklore

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