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Students open HyperCard, make a new stack, and name it animation. Using the polygon tool they practice drawing polygons.

Example: Draw a square and draw a smaller square to the right and above. Connect the vertices from one square to the other and the effect is a cube.

Ask the students to draw three polyhedra using the HyperCard tools. Position them in different places on their first card.

Select the three polyhedra using the lasso. Go to edit and select copy picture. Add a new card. Go to edit and select paste picture.

Using the "marching ants" tool (to the left of the lasso in the toolbox), select one of the polyhedra. Go to options and select rotate. Pull on one of the dots surrounding the object and the object will rotate.

The idea is to rotate each object slightly, copy/paste to a new card, rotate again and continue the process until there are about 30 cards.

Return to the first card. Select the button tool (top row, middle tool in the toolbox), go to objects and select new button. Double click in the button when it appears on your card. Select script and type in the following:
On MouseUp
Repeat 29 times
Go to next card
Wait 5
End Repeat
End MouseUp
When you select the browse tool (top row, left in the toolbox) and click on the button you can see the animation.

If you are not familiar with HyperCard the information on HyperCard Tips might be of help.

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